About Us

FITSEC is Florida Tech's Capture The Flag team. We provide training and networking opportunities for students at Florida Tech to jump start their careers in cybersecurity.

CTF Team


  1. Q: Do I need experience to join?
  2. A: Nope! We have a training pipeline created to teach the basics to newcomers. This pipeline gives each new member a solid foundation that enables them to delve deeper into areas of interest and specialize to be more of an asset to the team.
  3. Q: Do I need to be Computer Science to join?
  4. A: Absolutely not! Being a Computer Science or Computer Engineering student definitely gives you a good start, but anyone is capable of learning about cybersecurity. In fact, some of our competitors have been Aerospace Engineers.
  5. Q: When does FITSEC meet?
  6. A: It varies per semester. We send out a poll early in the semester to identify times that are the most convenient for the members to maximize attendance.
  7. Q: Where does FITSEC meet?
  8. A: This has varied in the past, however, our permanent home is now Crawford 524. This is the room for all cybersecurity classes and also FITSEC's clubhouse.
  9. Q: What does FITSEC stand for?
  10. A: FITSEC stands for FITSEC Information Technology Security. Its a recursive acronym, similar to GNU, or WINE.